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Teaching Experience

"Her skill, attention to detail and personality have enabled our students to grow as both dancers and young people. Building discipline, technical ability and a nurturing learning environment have been a driving force behind Stephanie's approach to our studio." Emerald City Dance Complex 


“With movement I have no words, I dance and in dancing I have found my voice.”


 This quote is a strong statement I pass down to my students. I want my students to not only train to become strong beautiful dancers, but confident dancers. When I am working with my students I strive to teach the following:

  • A safe environment for them to express themselves freely while developing creativity, respect and confidence within the dance space.

  • Technique, technique, technique! Understanding muscle control, alignment within our placement, working through our core and strength to understand how to utilize all our muscles as well as individually.

  • Expanding their limitations by pushing and growing their own expectations. Understanding our goals and working to achieve those goals with focus and intention.

  • For the competition dancers: working together, especially as an ensemble we need to understand as a group our musicality, performance and energy on stage. How another’s energy can change the space, knowing how to adapt, act, perform and still dance as an ensemble.  

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