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“Stephanie Golden’s movement utilizes daredevil stunts such as butterfly jumps and horizontal cartwheels, her eclectic movement vocabulary mirrored her varied musical choices. The choreography was peppered with running, falling, and jumping into exhilarating lifts and these bursting, potent movements made the space seem too small to contain such energy.” – Seattle Dances review 2017 Full Tilt Choreographer’s Festival

Short Dance Film "Here" Premiered March 2018 

Seattle, WA

Featuring: Holden Maples

Rehearsal Footage: work in progress in 2017

Seattle, WA

Featuring: Tyra Kopf and Erin McDevitt

Choreography Reel 2014-2016


Full Tilt Choreographer Dance Festival 2017

Dance Film "The Line Within" Premiered Spring 2015

San Francisco, CA

Featuring: Dore Dance Company Members

Short Dance Film Premiered Fall 2014

San Francisco, CA

Featuring: Stephen DiBiase

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