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Choreographer. Teacher. Movement Director.

An eclectic choreographer with a various background in dance. From Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap to Locking and House. Stephanie's movement is core based, athletic, quick yet graceful and unexpected. 

Originally from San Diego, California she has traveled most of the West Coast and received her BFA in Dance from Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Her teachers-influencers include Niki Lucia (Danceology), Shannon Darcey-Gilbert (Danceology), Wade Madsen (Cornish), Deborah Wolf (Cornish, Michelle Miller (Cornish), Monica Campbell (UVU), Ang Banchero-Kelleher (UVU), Amy Markgraf (UVU), Tessandra Chavez (Unity LA), Theo Ivey (Oceanside Dance), and Mike Esperanza (Bare Dance Co).

Stephanie has created new works on community stages, college dance programs, competitive studios and small theaters all over the West Coast, both as an individual choreographer and with her professional dance company (Dore Dance). 

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